Hi there, I'm Aranga.

Engineer with +4 years of experience in building quality, user-friendly and high-performance accessible web experiences.Skilled in Javascript, Python to deliver features, maintain and support large-scale web applications.

I love making tools that are user-friendly, simple and delightful. I work as a Frontend Engineer at Boloo ❤️ — focusing on UI/UX and helping the Bol.com seller community create wonderful things.

I share here what I'm learning about shipping great products, becoming a better developer and growing a career in tech.

Let's hang out on Twitter.


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Nice Words

Some feedback from the people I've had the privilege of working with.

I had the privilege of working closely with Aranga while rolling out a very complex program over the course of eight months. Aranga was instrumental to the program's successful roll out and continued operations. he was always eager to help wherever he could and provided excellent documentation to the rest of the team, ensuring everyone knew exactly what to do. At our weekly planning meetings he would often raise points that the rest of the team had not considered while also providing solutions to the questions of other team members. I have enjoyed working with him immensely, and would jump at the opportunity to do so again in the future.
Ajay Katwe · Backend Engineer, Boloo
Aranga is a talented Web Developer with a keen eye for detail, but also a compassionate and effective leader, capable of managing difficult situations with incredible ease. This combination of skills - technical and human - made him perfect at him job helping aspiring junior programmers break into software development. The months I spent working with Aranga creating new projects where some of the most amazing times of my working life. Aranga is everywhere at once, knows how to make the most of limited resources and gets the job done. But it's the finesse in him technical work what makes me particularly envious! I hope I'm lucky enough to work with Aranga again in the future.
Shrihari subramanyam · Fullstack Engineer, Anulom
Aranga was the core of the team for inspiration and ideas, providing tremendous help on the design and overall front-end userflow. he was a very dependable person, helping the team fix crucial bugs, pair programming and making the whole team feel great around him. he displayed strong mastery of React and CSS, implemented a chat feature using socket.io and even added emojis. he really showed devotion to the team and the project, and the outcome was an amazing application.
Mateusz borowski · Founder & CEO, Softheart